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Natal chart

I have been searching for something to really progress me spiritually and mentally and I have found exactly that with this reading. This reading brings you through a journey of your own self-awareness that is so incredibly heart warming. I now feel like I can face the challenges of my life more clearly after discovering… Read more “Natal chart”

Gina Ganley

Full Natal Chart Reading

I paid for a natal chart reading but what I got was so much more. Brent acted as my personal life coach for a moment. His reading for me was life changing to say the least. I am 29 years old and my perspectives shifted dramatically after my reading. Not only did I understand myself… Read more “Full Natal Chart Reading”

Adrienne Orihill

Progressed Chart Reading

Alchemist Apollo is that dude. I had knew a little bit about Astrology. I had a curiosity about myself. I wanted to piece together my past, respect my present and be excited about my future. Alchemist Apollo is the guy for you. He tapped things I knew and revealed things I did not know. Apollo… Read more “Progressed Chart Reading”

Anthony Hygh

Asteroid Reading

I recently had a reading from Alchemist Apollo, specifically his “Asteroid Chart Reading.” I originally found him from his Tiktok videos. I have been reading about astrology for 30 years and had heard of the asteroid, Chiron, but never got into the details of how it and asteroids could affect our lives. He says that… Read more “Asteroid Reading”

Randy B


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